Take charge of
your health

Convenient and private in-home health visits at no cost to you.

Your health plan works with Matrix
Medical Network to make sure you
get the preventive care you need!

A Matrix clinician visits you in your home to review and discuss your health.

The visit usually lasts 45-60 minutes to give you time to ask questions and get answers about your health.
After your visit, you will receive a Personal Health Summary which provides important health information.

We provide your doctor with a summary of the visit to help with treatment plans to help you stay healthy.

Staying Smart
About Your Health

Doesn’t Just Mean Visiting the Doctor

We support your health plan and your doctors to help you stay healthy.

Let’s us help you get the right care to manage your health and feel well.

During your private home visit, we take the time you need to talk about your health, ask us any health questions!


of members were happy with their visit and would have us back.
With more than 15 years’ experience and over two million in-home health visits, Matrix Medical Network connects health plan members with compassionate and personalized support that’s not often possible during a standard visit to the doctor’s office.

During your visit

we will:

Answer your health questions

Talk about your medical history

Suggest ways you can
improve your health

Review the medicines you take

Provide any needed health screenings

Connect you with community

What others are saying

After your visit, we send you a summary of your health.

It will show you:

Where you're on track
with your health

Ways to improve your health

Who can help you in
your community

How to manage
your conditions

How to be more active
and live healthier

A list of your medications

About Matrix Medical Network

We partner with your health plan and your healthcare providers to deliver care in the convenience of your home. We want to make sure you have the information and support you need to stay as healthy, independent and active as possible. Our licensed clinical providers will visit with you and take the time to really listen to your health concerns.

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