Dawn Bruni

Nashville, Tennessee

18 years of nursing experience

Matrix Nurse Practitioner Dawn Bruni says her long-time interest in science led to her career in nursing.

“I love using my skills to help people who are looking after their health as best they can,” Dawn said. “It is very gratifying to help them identify a source of a health concern, educate them on how to best manage it, and then, if needed, help get the resources to assist the member with a specific health situation.”

As an example, Dawn recalled visiting with a woman who had many catastrophic health-related conditions. She had been bedbound for four days because her bed was broken. She didn’t have the money to fix the bed nor did she have any home health assistance. “I immediately contacted her primary care physician and detailed her condition and situation,” Dawn said. “I identified several specific needs and then launched the processes for getting her the appropriate resources. She got the help she needed.”

Dawn says that beyond providing in-home assessments, she enjoys a variety of outdoor activities and being with her grandchildren.