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You're probably visiting this site because you received a letter from your health plan asking you to schedule a no-cost health and wellness assessment. So, if you're wondering what this is about, let's start at the beginning.

Nurse practitioner performing assessment Nurse practitioner performing assessment Nurse practitioner performing assessment Nurse practitioner performing assessment

Better Information, Better Care

We’re Matrix Medical, and we believe preventive care is a key component to healthy living. Your health plan has selected us to provide you with a valuable, no-cost health assessment in the privacy of your home, in an effort to keep you as healthy as possible.

Your assessment will be conducted by one of our own highly trained, employee Nurse Practitioners in the comfort of your home or nursing facility. The visit will include:

  • A limited, non-invasive physical exam
  • A discussion about personal, social and family medical history
  • A review of your current medications
  • Information and recommendations about further evaluation
  • Answering questions you may have about your health, medications or other health related topics

The results of the assessment can be provided to your primary care provider, so they are better able to coordinate your care. Additionally, you may request a copy of the completed form as well.

Please take a moment to explore this site and find out how easy and beneficial a health assessment can be.

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